Your Kidneys And The Danger Of Alcohol Herbal Mixture (Part 1)


Kidney experts in Nigeria have raised an alarm that 15,000 new cases of a kidney disorder are diagnosed annually in our country. This is worrisome especially when we understand the important role our kidneys play for a healthy life.

We must understand that it is not all the things we eat or drink that our body needs. We often eat certain things in excess and also drink certain things in excess. There are lots of chemicals that we bring into our blood through what we eat, drink, and breathe. For instance, whatever we eat or drink is broken down into different kinds of chemicals and nutrients. It is the work of the kidneys and liver to ‘screen’ and regulates these many chemicals and nutrients so that those our bodies would need in order to maintain good health is kept at the appropriate level in our blood, and those that our body does not need or which are in excess, are removed completely from our body. Our kidneys and liver are like ‘gatekeepers’. Interestingly, God in his infinite wisdom gave us two kidneys instead of one. Our kidneys, in particular, regulate the levels of salt, potassium, and acid in our body. It also produces a hormone that helps to regulate blood pressure; the kidneys also control the production of red blood cells. (N.B: our blood is made up of red blood and white blood cells). We know that salt affects blood pressure because when we take too much of it for a long period, it weakens the kidney, and once the kidney is weakened it will no longer be able to regulate salt and this will lead to high blood pressure. That is why we are advised not to add much salt, Maggi, Knorr,e.t.c to our food. As gatekeepers, the kidneys remove waste products and excess fluid from the body. These waste products and excess fluid are removed through the urine.

Stay Healthy, Stay Happy

Rev. Fr. Chioma Nwosu


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