Your Kidney And The Dangers Of Alcohol Herbal Mixture (Part 2)


Herbal Mixtures with alcohol are dangerous to the kidney. Some of these herbal mixtures contain a high level of alcohol. They are consumed by adults and some of them are even given to children by parents. There is a proliferation of this alcoholic herbal concoction in Nigeria which producers and consumer claims are effective against almost all infections and diseases under heaven and earth. Although it’s possible for herbal mixture to have medicinal effects the problem is the alcoholic content.

When alcohol I’d consumed at a level that the person’s body cannot handle, it leads to alcohol poisoning and it creates another health problem in addition to that which the person is taking the concoction to treat. This becomes double jeopardy! In all this, it is the kidney that suffers most. As I pointed out in this column last week, kidney experts in Nigeria have raised the alarm that about 15,000 new cases of kidney problems are diagnosed annually in our country in both adults and children and some of these cases are related to alcohol abuse through herbal alcoholic mixtures.

Most of these herbal mixtures contain 40 to 42 percent of alcohol which is extremely high not only for children but also for adults. Since people will usually drink such mixture every day as “prescribed”, they will not know that they are damaging their blood, kidney, and liver daily, and therefore killing themselves softly.

Stay Healthy! Stay Happy!
Rev.Fr. Chioma Nwosu


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