‘you only live once’ (YOLO)


Apparently the whole “You only live once” phrase is a huge sham. Its like a mere facade, a sort of deception to encourage youth to do the worst because they’re ‘young’. It’s created a kind of license to act recklessly, because they’ve got just one life to live.
On the contrary, I believe if you have one life, you’d be careful not to make avoidable mistakes. To live with purpose and intention, making every day count. Rather what is obtainable is quite the opposite, it’s an avenue to be reckless and carefree. For instance, “you only live once, so go ahead and do that imprudent thing you’ve always wanted to do, you may not have another opportunity to do it”. I can’t lie, I’ve had that mentality in the past, but thank God for growth and wisdom, that by His grace our minds are continually being transformed and renewed. The idea that makes you reckless should also make you careful.
My very wise friend gave me this illustration, “imagine you have an exam, that’s a one sitting attempt, and this particular exam makes or mars your future,you’d probably give it your best shot”. So, you have one life, why not make it count? Why waste it on making avoidable mistakes? Rather than living for the momentary thrills, I’d suggest you live for something more substantial. When you die, what would people know you for? Who did you show love? What did you impart on those around you?

I love all my readers, stay safe ❤


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