Wow! Nigerian Singer; Niniola Looks Stunning With Her New Look


Often times, for a woman, a new hairstyle is a new way to look at life. “New hair, new Niniola.” There’s nothing like new hair to make you feel confident & beautiful. “when life doesn’t allow you to change anything else, rock a new hairstyle. New hair makes you feel you can do anything.

Nigerian singer; Niniola on Wednesday got a haircut, saying she could not wait to have her natural hair colored. The 33-year-old songwriter shared the video of her getting a haircut on her Instagram page.

“So I had a haircut and can’t wait to color my natural hair,” she wrote.

Niniola regularly appears in her music videos with hair painted in different colors but with this new hair cut, you look more beautiful Niniola. Ride on girl!


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