Women Maltreating Their Housemaids


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It gives me so much joy, to pen down another of my experience with you all on women maltreating their housemaids.

I was listening to a program on air where a woman hated her housemaid for no just cause. Her husband is always warning her of the consequences of her actions towards the maid. She made life unbearable for the poor girl and she does not hesitate to beat her at every slightest mistake the housemaid made. She got to know that the housemaid was pregnant, she called her all sorts of names saying that she is a harlot, asking her who impregnated her. The husband asked her to be calm with the girl but she was adamant. Her son also joined her to insult the girl. The husband calmly asked the maid who impregnated her, to his surprised she mentioned the name of his son. He was shocked, he called the son to ask him if what the girl said was true, the son denied it saying that he does not know anything about it, that he can’t stoop so low to date a housemaid not to talk of impregnating her. The mother was ranting saying that she trusts her son that he cannot do anything like that, after all, her son is a graduate. _hmmmm, graduate my feet..

When the father of the housemaid heard about it, he said he knows his daughter very well that she cannot lie on the boy. They took the matter to the police station and after so much persuasion, the boy knelt down to say that he is responsible for the girl’s pregnancy. You need to see the way the mother calmed down as if they poured cold water on her body. She could not believe what she was hearing, she was dumbfounded. The father to the boy said the boy must marry the girl because he forcefully slept with her without her consent, the woman said her son cannot marry a common housemaid, 🧏‍♀️🧏‍♀️ see talk, saying that she is ready to pay them off since they have the money. Madam to hell with your so-called money

In the long-run, they all concluded that the boy will marry the girl and she will further her education after she has put to bed.

The question is ??? Why do people derive pleasure in maltreating their fellow human beings? Why can’t we treat them as part of our family?

Note that every time you mistreat someone, you reveal the part of you that lacks love, needs healing and seeing the light in others, likewise treat them as if that is all you see in them. Hence, we should learn not to discriminate because discrimination is bad and leads to contempt.

My candid advice is to treat people the way you will want to be treated.

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