So Sad! 26-Day-Old Twins Gets Killed In The Absence Of Mum Who Has Waited 9 Years For A Child


The joy of a new mother has been short-lived.
This new mum who has waited nine years to carry her own child is left in agony after her dog reportedly attacked her 26- day-old twin babies to death.

Reports have it that 29 years old Elaine Novais stepped out to go talk to a neighbor leaving her twin babies with her dog in their home in Piripá, the northeastern state of Bahia, Brazil. Novais returned to see her babies Anne and Analú mauled by her dog.

A nurse who lives nearby performed first aid treatment on the babies but unfortunately one died instantly and the other died later at Maria Pedreira Barbosa Municipal Hospital after a cardiac arrest.

This is so sad….it’s advisable not to leave little ones with pets. These pets can act otherwise. Sadly enough, the most painful goodbyes are the ones that are left unsaid and never explained. We sympathies with the family, most especially the mother for this great loss. Be rest assured that God will bring more children into your life.


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