Nollywood Actor; KOK Opens Up On Choosing Between Acting And The Law Court


After bagging a degree in Law, Veteran Nollywood actor; Kanayo .O. Kanayo seems to be in a tough situation of choosing between acting and his law profession. The Actor turned Barrister, revealed during an interview with BBC Igbo his thoughts over his newfound profession and his acting career.

“It’s been a long time since I decided I wanted to become a lawyer. It’s that thing I wanted to study but I was given Philosophy at the University of Lagos, I decided that before I enter my grave, I must become a lawyer. Well, it has happened. It has been my intention and it’s what I want to be. What we do in Nollywood is also about speaking,” the legal practitioner said.

He continued; “Be it to the government or the citizens. We speak for the voiceless. It’s essentially the same thing lawyers do. I will push for solutions to support my colleagues in the fight for truth and justice. What we have in Nollywood is that everyone is in their corner. No one want’s to push for policies and legal backings that will favor the industry. Take the National Assembly for an example; a private member bill can be sponsored towards putting things in motion in the Nollywood industry.”

On leaving acting for the lawcourt, he said: “Rules of professional conduct for legal practitioners demand that, if you really want to practice law, you must not indulge in any other profession. The thing is you won’t be able to do the two professions at a time (acting and litigation). What it means is that I will have to opt for one of the two. And I won’t disclose my decision just yet.

“We’ll all find out in due time. But don’t expect that I’ll become a lawyer and still be active as before on TV. We’re grown. Kenneth Okonkwo is my senior colleague in the legal profession. You’ll notice he doesn’t appear on TV as frequently as before. But it doesn’t stop you from supporting the industry wherever acting and litigation unites. One thing I also want people to understand is that I won’t base on litigation and going to court on a regular basis.”

We wish the actor all the best!


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