Mercy Eke Addresses Her Viral Video, Reveals Who Her Target Are


2019 Big Brother Naija winner; Mercy Eke has released another statement defending her previous viral video just after she called out followers who questioned why she hasn’t publicly supported any housemate from this season.

The former housemate said she was only talking to people who tarnished her image and that she supports all housemates.

“I was talking to those who were tarnishing my image on Twitter because I decided to stay neutral. I love all housemate equally, and everyone knows I’m a thankful person, your narrative will never change my personality.”

In the Twitter statement, Eke revealed the viral clip was tampered with just to spite her.

“for those who already knew that the clip was edited short without any shalaye thank you for knowing me”

Reactions trialed on social media when the former housemate took to her Instagram live to lash out on people. According to the video clip, Eke, popularly known as Lambo insists she is too busy working and going about her daily routines to sit and watch the show as people do.
She suggested unlike her others, she is quite occupied and can’t spend her time on the show.

Well, we don’t know what to believe anymore!


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