Man Sentenced To Death For Rape, Murder Of 9-year-old


The wages of sin is death.
Florida judge on Friday handed down a death sentence for a man convicted of the rape and murder of a 9-year-old girl six years ago.
Granville Ritchie’s sentence came one year after jurors said he should receive the death penalty for killing Felecia Williams in 2014. Hillsborough Circuit Judge Michelle Sisco issued the death sentence in a hearing attended by Felecia’s family.

“The child victim suffered a horrendous, physically painful, psychologically tortuous death,” Sisco said during the Tampa hearing.

Speaking directly to Ritchie, she said, “I don’t know what your spiritual leanings are … however, if you do ever pray to a higher power, either now or at some point, and you truly seek forgiveness … I hope that it is granted.”

Prosecutors said Ritchie, 35, killed Felecia after the woman babysitting the girl left her in his care. He assaulted the girl before strangling her and putting her body in a suitcase. He then drove to the Courtney Campbell Causeway and dumped Felecia’s body in the bay.

Felecia’s mother said she wished Ritchie would be hanged so he’d be subject to the same fate as her daughter.

“I’ve waited 2,310 days for this day to come,” Felecia Demerson said during the hearing. “I am here to stand as a wounded mother.”

Justice has been served.


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