Kensington Palace Celebrates Fathers Day With Newly Released Photos Of Prince William And Kate Middleton With Their Fathers


It’s a double celebration for Prince William as he celebrates his birthday and also celebrate the joy of being a father.

They shared a photo of Kate Middleton as a girl sitting on her father’s lap. Also, a photo of Prince William hugging his father, Prince Charles was shared via their Instagram page.

The photo of Prince William and Prince Charles was taken by Kate Middleton.

In celebration of William’s 38th birthday, a photo of Prince William sitting on a swing with all three of his kids was shared. The photo was also taken by Kate Middleton.

May the new year in your life be the very best and bring you health, joy, energy, amazing moments and happiness every day you wake up. And may all YOUR wishes, dreams and plans succeed and become true and fulfill.

Happy Birthday And Happy Father’s Day Prince Charles!


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