Kanye West Reveals Why He Cried When Speaking About Abortion


Nearly two weeks after Kanye West broke down in tears at his first presidential campaign rally while revealing that he and his wife; Kim Kardashian West considered getting an abortion when she found out she was pregnant with their daughter North in 2012, the rapper has been very vocal about how he feels about abortion. His recent tweets speak to the matter, as he recalls how abortion may have personally impacted his life.

According to Kanye, everyone was concerned about him for crying about the thought of aborting his child, when he is even concerned for the world that feels it’s not a subject worth crying about.

“I cried at the thought of aborting my firstborn and everyone was so concerned about me… I’m concerned for the world that feels you shouldn’t cry about this subject.” Kanye tweeted.

He also seemingly mentioned his mental health in a tweet following his original one.

“There is a tactic of 4 D’s… Distract, Discredit, Dismiss, To Destroy. I am quite alright,” he says. “Take a second and think about what is being projected here.”

Previously, Kanye made his stance on abortion clear, as he mentioned Planned Parenthood being an organization that does the “devil’s work.”

Planned Parenthood’s director of Black Leadership and Engagement, Nia Martin-Robinson, responded saying, “Black Women are free to make our own decisions about our bodies and pregnancies, and want and deserve to have access to the best medical care available.”

“Any insinuation that abortion is Black genocide is offensive and infantilizing. The real threat to Black communities’ safety, health, and lives stem from lack of access to quality, affordable health care, police violence, and the criminalization of reproductive health care by anti-abortion opposition.”

He also made comments about Black people doing unholy things like taking Plan B pills back in 2019. At that point, Ye made the decision to abandon the Democratic Party, which he said was brainwashing Black people.

Kanye has since the beginning of his political rally and revealing tweets apologized to his wife publicly, but we still wonder why Kanye has now resurrected the abortion story in a pair of tweets on Friday afternoon.

Photo Credit: The Sun


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