Jeff Bezos’ Ex-Wife; Mackenzie Scott Reveals She Has Donated $1.7 Billion To Charity


Amazon’s CEO Jeff Bezos’s ex-wife has revealed how much of her hand she has lent in charity. On Tuesday, Mackenzie revealed that she has given away almost $1.9 billion to nonprofits organizations battling serious social issues like gender inequality and racism.

Mackenzie Bezos posted on a website: “Like many, I watched the first half of 2020 with a mixture of heartbreak and horror,” she said. “Life will never stop finding fresh ways to expose inequities in our systems or waking us up to the fact that a civilization this imbalanced is not only unjust but also unstable. What fills me with hope is the thought of what will come if each of us reflects on what we can offer.”

Here’s how Scott broke down her giving:

Racial equity: $586,700,000

LGBTQ+ equity: $46,000,000

Gender equity: $133,000,000

Economic mobility: $399,500,000

Empathy & bridging divides: $55,000,000

Functional democracy: $72,000,000

Public health: $128,300,000

Global development: $130,000,000

Climate change: $125,000,000

“On this list, 91% of the racial equity organizations are run by leaders of color, 100% of the LGBTQ+ equity organizations are run by LGBTQ+ leaders, and 83% of the gender equity organizations are run by women, bringing lived experience to solutions for imbalanced social systems,” Scott said.

“The organizations … offer a daily reminder that we can each carry more than we imagine. And they offer an opportunity to invest our good fortune in change, no matter what form our good fortune has taken.”

Her ex-husband, Jeff Bezos is the world’s wealthiest individual with an estimated worth of about $178 billion. Mackenzie became one of the richest women in the world after her divorce from Jeff earned her a fortune of at least $36 million and she pledged to donate half of her money to charity last year.

Whenever you give out it”ll definitely come back to you. God bless you more Mackenzie.


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