Indonesians Forced To Dig Graves As Punishment For Not Wearing Masks


Indonesian authorities have come up with another bizarre penalty for stubborn anti-maskers in the country. Refusal to wear a face mask in Indonesia is punishable by fines or community service.

In a bid to get more locals to wear face masks, eight people in Gresik regency, East Java were ordered to dig graves for COVID-19 victims. Local authorities have ordered them to dig graves for victims of the pandemic as punishment for not wearing face masks in public.
This has been done with the hope that the punishment will have a deterrent effect and prevent people from violating the rules put in place to contain the Coronavirus.

After refusing to wear face masks in public, eight people have been assigned the task of helping a local gravedigger. This task has been assigned by local authorities in the province of East Java at a public cemetery in the Ngabetan village. Taking this further, two people have been assigned to each grave: one digs the grave and the other one lays wooden boards inside.

The Cerme district head and local politician Suyono explained:

“There are only three available gravediggers at the moment, so I thought I might as well put these people to work with them.”

Authorities hope that this punishment will have a deterrent effect.
By making those who refuse to wear face masks dig the graves of those who have died as a result of COVID-19, authorities hope to prevent future violations. People on social media have commented on the punishment with some explaining that they are essentially digging their own graves.

With Coronavirus cases on the rise, Indonesian authorities are urging people to follow health protocols and wear face-masks. In addition to this, according to the Jakarta Post, Cerme Police chief Adj. Pol. Comm. Moh. Nur Amin has explained that ‘the police would cooperate with the military to enforce the protocols’ and disperse public gatherings.

This isn’t the first unusual punishment in the country for COVID-19 related offenses as Indonesian authorities have meted out a number of bizarre punishments to those who fail to wear a face mask in public.


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