If a flower can lose it’s beauty So also, a pretty girl


At some point in a flower’s life cycle, it blooms and radiates of colourful vibrance, scent and charm (just like a young girl). Then the sun rises with a scorching wind… and the flower falls off, its beauty fades away. After some time, the law of diminishing returns sets on our flesh and you’re never as beautiful (physically) as you were in your ‘prime’ when you’re older.
The cycle resembles a Total Product (TP) graph (only economics students can relate 😄). The graph shows increase at the early stages of production in a firm till an optimum output is achieved, after which any additional factor input will resolve only in a decline in output (yes, I did that, proud economics undergraduate 😁).

It’s the ideal situation, we begin life’s journey as babies, grow into young adults, which looks like the prime stage. Going on to get married and having kids, the effects of diminishing returns begins to set in and you don’t necessarily look like you’re old (young) self anymore. Only a few lucky people are able to retain their ‘young-looking selves’ for a longer period than others. However, inevitably so, everyone MUST grow old (Here’s where taking proper care of your body as an individual comes to play).

Hence, this is part of the reasons I decided to drop freelance modelling. I haven’t shared this before, because I wasn’t sure of my decision at the time, however with time it has become clearer. A very big pet peeve I have is a person having a fine physical outlook, but poor mental capacity. I can recall encountering some very physically beautiful people and engaging in a proper conversation becomes quite surprising. It’s like they can be so beautiful until they open their mouths (lol you know they say, light travels faster than sound). Some people depend so much on their physical appearance, that they ignore their mental capacity. I remember often writing in my journal when I was younger, how I want to be more than just a pretty face. I passionately aspire to have a lot more to offer to the people around me than mere physical appearance. I love to be able to engage in intelligent conversations, to contribute to purposeful interactions. Most of the time I don’t reply to messages on social media because I hate to have idle conversations, they’re an absolute waste of time and energy.

There’s this book that’s titled, “the beautiful ones are not yet born” and that’s the pure truth. Beautiful girls never get exhausted. I can certainly assure you, that there are so many physically beautiful people in this world, probably they’ve just not yet been identified or exposed to the world.
There’s another book titled, “the ugly ones refuse to die”. What I deduced from this title is that, beauty queens from the past try so hard to remain beautiful.. pardon me the right word is ‘relevant’. Botox, plastic surgeries, physical fitness (for self glorification) to remain beautiful enough for the world’s standards.
(Funny how I haven’t finished reading these books, but I know for sure they do not relate to beauty queens😄. They’re about the political insurgencies in Ghana🤷‍♀️ )

I wouldn’t say I didn’t like modelling, I did actually (a lot). I got to meet a lot of amazing people but, it also made me seek approval and validation from the world,which isn’t ideal. I’ll still collaborate with creatives as a hobby, not a drive for me or a career path of any sort. My mom probably contributed to my decision 😉, she asked the important question “where do you see yourself in the next 20, 30 years?”. No slander of any sort to anyone’s chosen career path or field, I’m speaking from my preferences and what I believe. (Nonetheless, there are amazing beauty queens doing good in the world). I don’t want to have to keep up with the world’s standards for beauty. It’s not just for me. Seeking validation from likes and comments. I recieve validation from my Father in heaven and that’s all the approval I need.

My definition of a beautiful woman is one who is infinitely beautiful. Proverbs 31:30 GNT says “Charm is deceptive and beauty disappears, but a woman who honors the Lord should be praised”. Ideally a beautiful woman Loves, she’s impactful, she’s wise, she’s knowledgeable, she’s humble, she’s hardworking. While I was modelling, I was still a Christian, however I was exposed to a lot of factors that could’ve made me, arrogant, inconsistent amongst other things. I’d have been compromising with my beliefs at some point. Read about the Proverbs 31 woman, you’d receive a lot of insight.

I love all my readers, stay safe ❤



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