Dr. Dre’s Wife Under Investigation For Embezzlement


Dr. Dre’s estranged wife Nicole Young is being investigated by the Los Angeles Police Department for alleged embezzlement amid their $2billion divorce case.

Dre’s business partner; Larry Chatman, has filed a police report, claiming Nicole withdrew thousands of dollars from their business account without permission. Chatman believes Nicole embezzled $385,029 and detectives have started their investigation.

Dre did not file the report, but he did call out Nicole in their divorce case for making withdrawals, which total $385,000. Nicole said she had a right to the money in the corporate account because her name is on it.

Nicole’s team insists that the claims against her are nothing but a smear campaign amid her pending divorce from Dre. Her attorneys maintain that she’s done nothing wrong. But If she is charged, Nicole is looking at some years in prison.

The allegations come after a judge recently rejected Nicole’s request that Dre pays her $1.5 million for various expenses including security. Her lawyers argued that she needed the money to hire security because she’s been receiving death threats.

Nicole Young filed for divorce from the rapper after 24 years of marriage in June. The splitting couple have two adult children together: son Truice and daughter Truly.


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