Couple’s Tonic: 5 Things To Do To Keep Your Family United


  1. Prayer : Always find time to pray together as a family, also permit the children to also pray as long as they can mutter words.
  2. Couples should make it a point of duty to always sleep on same bed in the same room, with this, bonding is guaranteed and reconciliation when there is any issues is done easily.
  3. Eat Together : Civilization in some ways has robbed us of this wonderful culture, there are families were couples have never eaten together from the same dish, you only find them eating on the same table from different dishes, when you eat from the same dish, you promote bonding with your soulmate.
  4. Family Meeting: Create time to talk about the family with your spouse and not leaving out your children too, you will be surprised at cordiality and bonding that this simple act can create in your family.
  5. Have Fun: Man’s need is truly becoming insatiable by the day, hence 24 hours seem not to be enough but you are advised to create time out of no time and have fun with your family, by so doing you will create fun atmosphere in the family and the family will be a joyful place to return everyday.

God Bless All Families!


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